Retail:  $129.00
Included in Kit:

  • One 90 Second Whitener Spray – (up to 3 weeks of daily use)
  • One 90 Second Maintenance Spray –  (up to 60 applications)
  • WOW® Enhancing Rinse (60 Count)
  • VITA® Shade Guide
  • Instruction Material

Features and Benefits:

    • Simple and convenient to use
    • Faster and more efficient
    • No messy trays or strips
    • No sensitivity (When used as directed)
    • Removes and kills oral bacteria
    • Improves gum health
    • System can be modified to fit individual needs (Time and dosage)

How It Works:

Start with the 90 Second Whitener Spray

Clinch teeth and grasp mouthpiece with lips.

Spray directly on front of teeth.

      • Swish for 90 seconds
      • Expel Whitener
      • Follow with WOW Enhancing Rinse for 90 Seconds
      • Expel WOW Enhancing Rinse
      • When you have reached your desired shade, use the 90 Second Maintenance Spray & WOW Enhancing Rinse to maintain your dazzling WOW smile!



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